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Focus on Business Process Management activities


What we can do.

We develop projects on OpenText Business Process Platform (formerly Cordys Business Operation Platform) since 2012.

Most of the staff attended specific training courses, partly provided by Cordys and partly provided internally..

We collaborated with several companies, OpenText partners focused on other OT products, thanks to our competences.

We performed consultancy also on others BPM platforms, like WSO2.

Recently, Nash sustained the required investment to establish its own infrastructure, based on OpenText Process Suite, to supply services to end user customers.


Case History

Most relevant activities we accomplished

- Consultancy and development of integration components for a “Business Process As A Service” infrastructure establishment.

- Design and development of a “Cloud Metering and Billing” solution.

- Design and development of an integration and orchestration solution for the automation of document management.

- Design and development support of a SaaS solution, supplied and managed by Nash infrastructure, for the tax analysis service.

- Development of a basic Contracts Management solution.


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