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Who we are

What we do

Nash was created in 2007 as a service facility for a group of freelance specialized in web architectures and applications. A few years later, it was given a stronger formalized structure now focusing on specific technologies and services.

Design of solutions

Software Solutions’ Analysis and Design

We are specialists in web software architecture.


Since the beginning, we follow the evolution of Internet applications’ supporting technologies. We’ve acquired experience in large size and international wide project contexts, realizing innovative services and applications for customers like banks, insurances, TLC companies and large industries.


This experience allows us to cope with confidence typical consultant activities such as:

  • Analysis and requirements definition.

  • Architecture design.

  • Market products evaluation.

  • Detailed planning and design.

  • Development.


And complementary activities like:

  • Environment definition and administration (development, test and production)

  • Project Management (PM)

Software Development

Development of Web and Mobile Applications

Nash creates an optimal context for the development teams,, maximizing knowledge sharing and efficiency in all the phases of project realization. Driven by project needs, the team is staffed with people wich have the appropriate skills, and with one single person that has the role of project referral. This strong direct organization, ensures speed and dynamism in satisfy and satisfies customer needs.


Every project balances structured and agile methodologies, coping with the flexibility the customer expects, but ensuring a proper level of documentation on the performed activities.


Cloud Services

Selection and supply of Cloud Services

Nash selects and uses specific and reliable market platforms and solutions to supply cloud services.


Reference platforms


Tecnologie di riferimento

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